Healthcare at home


Physician house calls were the only way to access medical care in the early 1900s. However, during WWII as hospitals and medical technology developed, hospitals became the only places were patients could get access to technological medical advances, such as X-rays. This helped pushed the U.S. into its current model of having to go to a facility to get medical care.

As technological advances continue in healthcare and thanks to the silver tsunami that is approaching, hospitals began to revisit the idea of house calls. After all, telehealth is now an option and sometimes a necessity for rural parts of the country.

In one of the articles, Dr. Lin mentioned that providing house calls was eye-opening to see the environment her patient was living in.

In one of her house calls, Dr. Lin asked a mom to show her how to administer her child's inhaler. The mother told her she didn't want to open the cabinet because of the cockroaches. At that moment, Dr. Lin could see that an inhaler alone wasn't going to treat the child's asthma.

Going to the patients home we can see the barriers to care and understand the challenges that would go unnoticed in a clinic setting.

Although most of the articles focus on medical care and not behavioral health I believe the same benefits can be applied to ABA care. After all, one of the biggest feedback we receive from parents while providing in-clinic care, was how their child behaved differently with them at home and/or in public. In-home provides us the opportunity to increase parent involvement and sibling involvement. More importantly, it allows us to see a child in their natural environment and for us to create treatment plans conducive to the child's natural environment.

As mentioned by Dr. Jonge, in the AAMC news, "The important thing is getting medical staff into the home, where they see the patient, the family, and the environment." That is something i2ABA is striving to do and what makes us different.

Here are the links to the articles mentioned above: 

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